Sound Waves, July - Sept. 2015

Sound Waves, July - Sept. 2015Sound Waves, July - Sept. 2015

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The stories in the July - Sept. 2015 issue of Sound Waves:

Northern Alaska Coastal Erosion Threatens Habitat and Infrastructure

Climate Change Reduces Coral Reefs’ Ability to Protect Coasts

Polar Bears Forced on Shore by Sea-Ice Loss Are Unlikely to Thrive on Land-Based Foods

Many Dry Tortugas Loggerheads Actually Bahamas Residents

USGS Oceanographer Participating on Collaborative U.S. and Canadian Research Cruise in the Davis Strait between Greenland and Canada

Detailed Flood Information Key to More Reliable Coastal Storm Impact Estimates

USGS Underwater Coral Photo Selected as Popular Photography’s “Photo of the Day”

New Marine Facility Chief for the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

George Tate Retires from the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center


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