Sound Waves, June - July 2016

Sound Waves, June - July 2016Sound Waves, June - July 2016

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The stories in the June - July 2016 issue of Sound Waves

This Hurricane Season, Scientists Bring Wave Action into the Picture

New Quaternary Geology Map Reuses Decades-Old USGS Data

Updated Website Provides Easy Access to Oceanographic Time-Series Data

Data from Three Recent Studies Released in the USGS Oceanographic Time-Series Data Collection

First USGS Coastal Maps from Unmanned Aerial Systems

Future Fieldwork

USGS Science Center Increases Support of USF Oceanography Camp for Girls

USGS Student Trainee Studies Effects of Wave Energy on a Salt Marsh Boundary

New Review Paper on the Conservation of Western Atlantic Coral Reefs

Polar Bear Outlook Favorable Under Certain Scenarios


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