Sound Waves, Mar. - April 2014

Sound Waves, Mar. - April 2014Sound Waves, Mar. - April 2014

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The stories in the Mar. - April 2014 issue of Sound Waves:

Assessing the Vulnerability of Pacific Atolls to Climate Change 

Update on Oceanographic Study Offshore of Fire Island, New York

Linking Coastal Processes and Vulnerability—Assateague Island Regional Study 

Recent Hires Assist USGS Studies of Barrier Island and Estuarine Responses to Hurricane Sandy

EDEN and EVE—Getting the Water Right in Paradise

“Ultra Marathon Champion” Bird May Plan Flights Based on Weather Across the Pacific 

Sea-Ice Decline and Permafrost Thaw Create Goose Habitat in Arctic Alaska 

25 Years After the Exxon Valdez, Sea Otter Population at Pre-Spill Levels

USGS Intern Teaches Kids about Ocean Acidification 

USGS Scientists Support the National Ocean Science Bowl’s 10th Annual Spoonbill Bowl 

Communications Awards Recognize Ocean Chemistry Topics

Three USGS Volunteers in Florida Working on Ocean Acidification 

USGS Employee Recognized for Service on Science Museum Board in Florida 

New Kid on the Web: USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program’s Redesigned Website Goes Live 


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