Sound Waves, May - June 2014

Sound Waves, May - June 2014Sound Waves, May - June 2014

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The stories in the May - June 2014 issue of Sound Waves:

Earthquake, Landslide, and Tsunami Hazards in the Northeastern Caribbean—Insights from a 2013 E/V Nautilus Expedition

Through the Eyes of a Polar Bear—First "Point of View" Video

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Did Not Contribute to Subsequent Storm Flooding—Study looks at Great South Bay and Barnegat Bay

New Personnel Contribute to USGS Studies of How Estuaries Respond to Storms

Summer Hires Assist Studies of Coastal Sediment Transport

Tracking Oil—USGS Tools and Analysis Inform Response to Deepwater Horizon and Future Oil Spills 

“iCoast—Did the Coast Change?” Help Identify Coastal Hazards with USGS Aerial Photographs 

Coral Reefs Provide Critical Coastal Protection

New Postdoctoral Researchers Enriching USGS Science in Woods Hole, Massachusetts 

Summer Intern Assisting Research at the USGS in Woods Hole, Massachusetts 

New USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Web Pages Open Doors to Diverse Research Topics, Expertise, and Resources

Facilitating Identification of Coastal and Undersea Features— “Footprints” for Marine Gazeteers 


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