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Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2011

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The stories in the Nov. - Dec. 2011 issue of Sound Waves:

Elwha Dam Removal Begins—Long-Planned Project Will Restore Ecosystem, Salmon Runs 

Mechanical Arm + Internet = Realtime Profiles of Particles Near the Seafloor 

Climate History and Deep-Sea-Coral Habitats—Clues from the Drake Passage Between Antarctica and South America 

Common Murre Chicks Hatch for the First Time in 100 Years on the Channel Islands off Southern California

Pacific Walruses Studied as Sea Ice Melts 

Science in Support of Everglades Restoration—Some Contributions from the USGS in Florida

USGS Scientist Honored with Prestigious Federal Employee of the Year Medal for Role in Ending Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Dick Poore Is New Director of the St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center 

Bob Rosenbauer Is New Director of the Pacifi c Coastal and Marine Science Center 

USGS Fact Sheet Summarizes Estimates of Sediment Load from Major Rivers into Puget Sound 


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