Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2012

Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2012Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2012

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The stories in the Nov. - Dec. 2012 issue of Sound Waves:

USGS Scientists Predict, Measure Sandy’s Impacts on the Coastal Landscape 

What’s in a Name? Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy

Using Shallow-Water Seafloor Mapping to Understand Sediment Movement in the Northern Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana

Recovery Slows for California’s Sea Otters, 2012 Survey Shows 

U.S. and Canadian Geologists Collaborate in Mapping the Georges Bank Seabed

Native Youth in Science—Preserving Our Homelands

USGS Scientists on Team Honored by Excellence in Partnering Award 

Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center Welcomes Andy O’Neill

Olivia Cheriton Joins USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center


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