Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2013

Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2013Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2013

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The stories in the Nov. - Dec. 2013 issue of Sound Waves:

Exploring Undersea Terrain Off the Northern U.S. Atlantic Coast Via Telepresence-Enabled Research Cruise

The “Jetyak”—Autonomous Kayak Performs Shallow-Water Surveys

A Research Cruise to Investigate Natural Versus Human Impacts on Marine Ecosystems in Hood Canal, Washington

USGS Research to Support Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Gets Boost from Supplemental Funds

Unprecedented Rate and Scale of Ocean Acidiļ¬cation Found in the Arctic

Travels with Sediment in the San Francisco Bay, Delta, and Coastal System 

“Native Youth in Science–Preserving Our Homelands” Completes Year Two

Michael E. Field Honored by U.S. Coral Reef Task Force 

Passing the Torch, Take 2—Barbara Lidz Steps Down as Sound Waves Contributing Editor at USGS Center in St. Petersburg, Florida 

Award-Winning Student Intern Experiences Life at the USGS

Coastal and Marine Geology Program Contributes to “Feds Feed Families” Campaign 


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