Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2014

Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2014Sound Waves, Nov. - Dec. 2014

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The stories in the Nov. - Dec. 2014 issue of Sound Waves:

USGS Atlantic Margin Expedition Combines Submarine-Landslide Studies with Law of the Sea Mapping

Interdisciplinary Exploration of Seamounts in the Anegada Passage, Northeast Caribbean

Mapping Coastal Changes Along Northern Monterey Bay, California, to Aid Planning for Future Storms

USGS Joins the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Resilience Institute—A Partnership for Integrated Climate Research to Help Local and Regional Leaders 

New Researcher Studies Coastal Sediment Changes Using 3D Modeling

Interested in Naming Undersea Features?

USGS Ocean Data Ambassador Announces New Website for Marine Planning and Resource Management 

Shells from Deep Arctic Ocean Sediment Reveal a New Clam Species, Hint at Methane-Based Seafloor Ecosystem 

USGS Leads Field Trip for Attendees at U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Meeting 

USGS Staff Participate in Grand Community Clean-Up—A Kickoff Event for the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit in St. Petersburg, Florida

Workshops on the California Seafloor and Coastal Mapping Program 


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