Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2010

Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2010

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The stories in the Oct. - Nov. 2010 issue of Sound Waves:

Degradation of Subsea Permafrost and Associated Gas Hydrates Offshore of Alaska in Response to Climate Change 

Coral Calcification Rates in South Florida During Times of Changing Ocean Conditions 

Coral Paparazzi—Looking for a Quick Way to Spot Evidence of Coral Disease 

Whale Falls

A New Understanding of 31 Years of Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Trends

Manatee Subspecies Genetically Confirmed, But Diversity Challenge Looms 

By and For Teachers: Earth-Science Multimedia Educational Products

USGS Woods Hole Center Contributes to Unique Summer Intern Program

International Workshop on Cold-Water Corals Held in Norway

USGS Gas Hydrates Scientists Lead and Participate in the Inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Natural Gas Hydrates 

USGS Scientist Emeritus Jeff Williams Receives NPS Director’s Career Achievement Award 

SCAR Medal for International Scientific Coordination Awarded to USGS Emeritus Scientist Alan Cooper


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