Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2015

Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2015Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2015

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The stories in the Oct. - Nov. 2015 issue of Sound Waves:

Sampling Methane Seeps and Plumes on the U.S. Atlantic Margin

USGS Completes Second Atlantic Margin Expedition for Law of the Sea / Submarine-Landslide Studies 

"Team Delmarva" Completes Second Comprehensive Seafloor Mapping off the Delmarva Peninsula

Pathways to the Abyss 

USGS Residual Oil Research Presented at Two Public Seminars

USGS Hosts University of South Florida Oceanography Camp for Girls

USGS Continues Collaboration for Native Youth in Science – Preserving Our Homeland

USGS Participates in Another Year of the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP)

New Production Team for Sound Waves


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