Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2015

Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2015Sound Waves, Oct. - Nov. 2015

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The stories in the Oct. - Nov. 2015 issue of Sound Waves:

Natural Methane Seepage Is Widespread on the U.S. Atlantic Ocean Margin  

Field Investigations at Fire Island, New York, to Better Understand Hurricane Sandy’s Impacts and Support Studies of Coastal Resilience 

USGS Scientists Conduct Comprehensive Seafloor Mapping off the Delmarva Peninsula 

#StrongAfterSandy—A Congressional Briefing Hosted by the U.S. Geological Survey, September 19, 2014 

This Woman ROCKS!

Free-Ascending Tripod Brings Data from the Deep Seafloor of the South China Sea

Instruments Deployed near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, to Measure Bottom Shear Stress and Other Variables near the Seafloor 

Coastal Streams in Central California Reflect the Region’s Drought 

USGS Scientist Participates in National Geographic’s BioBlitz 2014

Twenty Years of Ask-A-Geologist

Advancing Ocean and Coastal Data Sharing Capabilities—USGS Scientist Receives 2014 DeSouza Award 

Postdocs Contributing to Climate-Change Studies at the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center 

USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program Science Centers Team Up for Feds Feed Families Food Drive


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