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Sound Waves, Sept. - Oct. 2011

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The stories in the Sept. - Oct. 2011 issue of Sound Waves:

High-Resolution Multibeam Mapping of Mid-Atlantic Canyons to Assess Tsunami Hazards 

USGS Scientists Develop System for Simultaneous Measurements of Topography and Bathymetry in Coastal Environments 

Final Beach-Erosion Survey of the Elwha River Delta Before Dam Removal 

Aerial Photographs of Outer Banks Show Coastal Damage from Hurricane Irene 

Famous Manatee “Chessie” Sighted in Chesapeake Bay After Long Absence

International Team Studies Impacts of Oil and Gas Drilling on Cold-Water Corals in Norway

Significant Natural Gas Resources Remain to Be Discovered in Cook Inlet, Alaska

Summer Interns Help Organize USGS Library and Map Collections in St. Petersburg, Florida

New Interns Join USGS Southeast Ecological Science Center Staff at Everglades National Park 

Publications Explain Elwha River Restoration to Scientists, General Public 

Microbial Ecology of Deep-Water Mid-Atlantic Canyons


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