Sound Waves, Sept. - Oct. 2012

Sound Waves, Sept. - Oct. 2012Sound Waves, Sept. - Oct. 2012

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The stories in the Sept. - Oct. 2012 issue of Sound Waves:

USGS Scientists Exploring Mars as Part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory 

“Where Am I?”—High-Resolution Digital Topographic Maps Help Curiosity Navigate Mars

Tip from USGS and MBARI Scientists Leads to Discovery of Methane Seep off San Diego, California, by Scripps Graduate Students 

Sea-Level Rise Accelerating on U.S. Atlantic Coast 

Hawaiian Seabirds on Low-Lying Atoll Vulnerable to Sea-Level Rise  

Corals Damaged in the Deep Gulf of Mexico by Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 

Gulf Coast Vulnerable to Extreme Erosion During Category 1 Hurricanes—New Model to Help Community Planners, Emergency Managers

Sanctuary Exploration Center Opens on the Shores of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Santa Cruz, California 

U.S. Extended Continental Shelf Project Holds Workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Second Biannual Meeting of the Monterey Bay Marine GIS User Group

Coastal and Marine Geology Program Goes for the Gold, Participates in Federal Food Drive 

Quantifying How Often Sediments Move on the U.S. Continental Shelf—the U.S. Geological Survey Sea Floor Stress and Sediment Mobility Database


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