Chrissy Murphy, Assistant Unit Leader, Fisheries, at the Maine CRU

Chrissy Murphy is the Assistant Unit Leader, Fisheries, Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Detailed Description

Chrissy grew up in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, the daughter of a single mother in the timber industry. She has undergraduate degrees in Fisheries and Wildlife, Biology, and International Studies from Oregon State University, a Masters in Environmental Science from the University of Girona in Spain and a Ph.D. in Stream Ecology from Oregon State University. 


Chrissy has worked on topics that include the ecology and management of dams and reservoirs, freshwater food webs, fish parasites, and the implications of water management for listed salmon.

Only Chrissy's five most recent publications are shown here. For more information about Chrissy, including a full publications list, visit her profile page on the Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit web site.
Chrissy also can be reached at her University of Maine email


  • PhD Oregon State University 2019
  • MSc University of Girona 2011
  • Honors BS, BS, BA Oregon State University 2008

Research Interests

Chrissy and her graduate students are conducting studies on environmental flow regimes, foodwebs, and fish parasites. Chrissy’s research combines work on regulated aquatic systems, forestry, fishes, and foodwebs to better understand ecological processes. A primary focus of this work is to provide timely information to agency biologists charged with managing Maine’s natural resources.

Teaching Interests

Chrissy teaches graduate courses in hydrological alterations and fish ecology.


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