Coring in Lake Enriquillo, Dominican Republic

Coring in Lake Enriquillo, Dominican Republic

Detailed Description

This is one of three 4–5 meter long sediment cores recovered from the deepest part of Lago Enriquillo (95 feet water depth). This sediment core most likely represents the late Holocene (~5000 years ago to present), and the scientists will use it to construct precipitation changes in Dominican Republic over that time period. 

Pictured: (front) Dr. Wilson Ramirez, University of Puerto Rico Mayguez; (back, left to right) Sarah Kwon (SPCMSC), Dr. Julie Richey (SPCMSC), Dr. Jessica Rodysill (Florence Bascom Geoscience Center-USGS Reston), Hunter Wilcox (SPCMSC) and Jennifer Flannery (SPCMSC)


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