DOI FY 2018–2022 Strategic Plan

DOI FY 2018–2022 Strategic Plan

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Conserving Our Land and Water

  • Utilize science in land, water, species and habitat management supporting decisions and activities
  • Manage DOI water storage and delivery to resolve conflicts and expand capacity
  • Foster partnerships to achieve balanced stewardship and use of public lands
  • Inform land use planning processes especially for public use and access


Generating Revenue and Utilizing Our Natural Resources

  • Ensure public receives fair market value for resources; and recover costs where appropriate
  • Ensure energy and economic security for America
  • Ensure access to mineral resources
  • Focus timber programs on “healthy forests” lifecycle
  • Manage grazing resources


Expanding Outdoor Recreation and Access

  • Expand hunting, fishing, and other recreation on DOI lands and waters
  • Enhance public satisfaction at DOI sites


Fulfilling Our Trust and Insular Responsibilities

  • Support tribal selfdetermination, self governance and sovereignty
  • Fulfill fiduciary trust
  • Strengthen economic and health capacities in the US Territories and fulfill US compact obligations to the freely associated states


Protecting Our People and the Border

  • Ensure emergency preparedness and DOI law enforcement staffing addresses public safety risks
  • Support securing our southern continental US border
  • Manage wildland fire to reduce risk and improve ecosystem and community resilience
  • Provide science to safeguard communities against natural hazards


Modernizing Our Organization and Infrastructure for the Next 100 Years

  • Align DOI organizational structure and workforce to improve partnership engagement and mission delivery
  • Reduce administrative and regulatory burden
  • Prioritize DOI infrastructure needs and reduce deferred maintenance backlog


Crosscutting principles: Senior executives provide leadership in achieving Presidential and Secretarial goals and are expected to: ensure cost-effective operations and quality service to the public; facilitate organizational cooperation and conflict resolution; ensure workplace environment conducive to employee productivity and safety; and hold individuals accountable for their actions.


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