Kīlauea's inflation means we might see more lava soonà

Kīlauea's inflation means we might see more lava soonà...

Detailed Description

This map shows the pattern of displacements recorded by GPS stations across Kīlauea Volcano since the start of October. The length of each arrow is proportional to the velocity that the GPS station has moved. The red scale arrow in the lower left shows the length of an arrow that indicates 5 cm/yr (an arrow twice as long would therefore indicate 10 cm of motion per year, and so on). Circles at the ends of the arrows indicate measurement error; there is a high degree of certainty that the arrow ends within the circle. The overall deformation pattern is inflation, or swelling, of the volcano. Arrows pointing away from Kīlauea caldera and the east rift zone indicate swelling due to magma accumulation beneath the surface.


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