Monterey Canyon sand waves

Illustrations that show sand waves on the ocean floor at two different times, and how they changed and therefore migrated.

Detailed Description

Scientists have known about sand waves on the floor of Monterey Canyon for a long time, but the Coordinated Canyon Experiment imaged them in unprecedented detail with autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Note how the shape and position of sand waves changed in these two images, acquired nearly 3 months apart. Modified from figure 5 in Nature Communications paper.


Image Dimensions: 1508 x 756

Location Taken: US


Powerful turbidity currents driven by dense basal layers
Paull, Charles K., Talling, Peter J., Maier, Katherine L., Parsons, Daniel, Xu, Jingping, Caress, David W., Gwiazda, Roberto, Lundsten, Eve M., Anderson, Krystle, Barry, James P., Chaffey, Mark, O’Reilly, Tom, Rosenberger, Kurt J., Gales, Jenny A., Kieft, Brian, McGann, Mary, Simmons, Steve M., McCann, Mike, Sumner, Esther J., Clare, Michael A., Cartigny, Matthieu J., 2018, Powerful turbidity currents driven by dense basal layers: Nature Communications 9 (1), Article number 4114, doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06254-6