NHDPlus HR Beta QC

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Detailed Description

Improving the NHD and WBD prior to NHDPlus HR Production: Partners proficient with NHD or WBD editing tools can perform the required review/quality control (QC) and fix problems in the NHD and WBD data before the datasets are used in NHDPlus HR production. Partners who have local knowledge but are not trained editors can get involved in the review/QC effort following the release of the web-based markup application later in 2017. Areas are not available for editing during the NHDPlus HR build process. Please visit the section above on data availability to see areas available for editing. Please contact the NHD Point of Contact in your area for questions about NHD and WBD editing.

NHDPlus HR Beta review/QC: The USGS is seeking volunteers to perform a review/QC of the‚Äč NHDPlus HR Beta in various Hydrologic Regions. This opportunity is ideal for users with previous NHDPlus Version 2 (medium resolution) experience and, most importantly, local hydrography knowledge. Please fill in the NHDPlus High Resolution QC Interest form to participate in the NHDPlus HR Beta review/QC process.


Image Dimensions: 492 x 408

Location Taken: US