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PAD-US 2.0 viewer showing key navigation for using map interface

Detailed Description

The Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) is the nation’s official inventory of public open space and private protected areas.The lands included in PAD-US are assigned conservation status codes that both denote the level of biodiversity preservation and indicate other natural, recreational and cultural uses. PAD-US also includes the best available aggregation of federal lands data provided by agencies

Many legitimate overlaps exist in the PAD-US geodatabase Combined feature class that supports this viewer (e.g. multiple Marine Protected Areas designations, Wilderness Areas over National Forests or National Parks). The viewer identifies each overlapping unit, with attributes. Refer to the geodatabase to view feature classes separately (Fee, Designation, Marine, etc.).

Use the interactive map to explore PAD-US data by managing agency, biodiversity protection status, public access and more. 


Public Domain.