Preview image: Lava pond spattering and overflow at the MLK vent

Preview image for video: Lava pond spattering and overflow at the M...

Detailed Description

Preview image for video: (May 10, 2005, 16:20:29 to 18:30:29) After the collapse of the main spatter cone at the MLK vent (see movies "Spatter cone collapse at the MLK vent"), a small lava pond was visible within the new pit. At times, the level of the lava pond rose abruptly, overflowing the rim of the pit. This movie is an example of this and shows the lava surface rising suddenly to overflowing, then spattering as the level dropped back down. The images that make up this movie were acquired by a time-lapse camera positioned on the south flank of the Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō cone about 70 meters from the MLK vent. Movie Details: File size = 39.9 MB Image interval = 1 minute Playback speed = 10 frames/sec Movie duration = 00:00:13 Camera Coordinates (WGS84): Lat: 19.3870º Long: -155.1056º View direction = ~196º


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