Small-scale map of June 27th flow in Kīlauea's ERZ

Small-scale map of June 27th flow in Kīlauea's East Rift Zone...

Detailed Description

This small-scale map shows the June 27th flow in Kīlauea's East Rift Zone in relation to lower Puna. The area of the flow on October 01 at 09:40 AM is shown in pink and the flow as mapped on October 03 at 09:20 AM is shown in red. The latitude and longitude of the flow front at that time was 19.47775, -154.97252 (Decimal degrees; WGS84). Small breakouts, comprised of pāhoehoe toes and lobes, were scattered across the leading edge of the flow. The flow front has advanced 270 m (295 yards) since our Oct 1, 2014 over flight. The northern lobe is inactive as of today. Several breakouts were also active along the margin of the flow upslope of the leading edge and midway along the length of the flow near where lava first entered the crack system. The blue lines show down-slope paths calculated from a 1983 digital elevation model (DEM). For an explanation of down-slope path calculations, see: Down-slope path analysis is based on the assumption that the DEM perfectly represents the earth's surface. DEMs, however, are not perfect, so the blue lines on this map indicate approximate flow path directions. All older Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō lava flows (1983-2014) are shown in gray; the yellow line marks the lava tube.


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