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Thirty Days of Activity at Kīlauea Volcano

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Background image: Crews make visual observations of activity at fissure 8 around 5:30 a.m. HST. Fountain heights this morning continue to reach 70 to 80 m (230 to 260 ft) above ground level. The fountaining feeds a lava flow that is moving to the northeast along Highway 132 into the area of Noni Farms road.

Background image taken May 31, 2018
Fissure 8 maintains fountain activity

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Science for a Changing World
Infographic Data 

7.7square mile area covered by lava as of June 4, 2018 (0.20% Hawai‘i Island)
24 separate fissure vents
4 lava flows reached ocean
656 yards per hour; fastest recorded lava flow advance rate
250 feet; highest lava fountain measured
30,000 feet above sea level; tallest ash plume at summit

M6.9 largest earthquake since May 4, 2018 
9,900 earthquakes on Hawai‘i Island since May 4, 2018 (Historical monthly average is 1000 on the Hawai‘i Island.)

Science in Action:
80 USGS employees responding on site in Hawai‘i
79 volcano status updates provided by HVO
80 lava samples taken
15 ash samples taken
90% of Kīlauea covered by lava flows in last 1,000 years
1960 most recent eruption in this area of the lower East Rift Zone
36 days wasthe length of 1960 eruption
1983 beginning of current Kīlauea East Rift eruption period.

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