1990 May 10 AVHRR Antenna Installation

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Detailed Description

A video showing the installation of the AVHRR antenna at the USGS EROS Center in 1990.


Image Dimensions: 640 x 386

Date Taken:

Length: 00:09:29

Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US


- Hold it. Whoa.


Straight down.

Hold it.

Right there.

Right there.

Take it down. Easy.

Hold it.

Take it down.

Oh. Whoa. Whoa. on the other side?

- Go find some more [inaudible].

- [inaudible] another tag line.

- Son of a bitch!

- We need another tag line, Tom.

- We got to have the ropes on this other side.

- How are you doing [Don]?

- Pretty good, [Rod]. How are you?

- All right.

Hey, hold this [inaudible] for me?

- [laughs]

- You never know when somebody important is going to call.