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Changes to NHD & WBD Data Model and Downloadable Hydrography Products

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1. Topic: Response to 3D Hydrography Program Q&A from August Hydrography Community Call
Date: Oct 26, 2021
Becci Anderson will provide answers to 3D Hydrography Program (3DHP) questions that were submitted to the meeting chat during the August Hydrography Community Call. 3DHP outlines the future direction of inland water mapping for the Nation and is the hydrography component of the 3D National Topography Model. 

2. Topic: NHD 2.31 and WBD 2.31 Data Model Release
Presenter: Kevin McNinch, USGS

This presentation will describe the recently released NHD 2.31 and WBD 2.31 data models that will be used for all new USGS products and map services. The model change implements required attribute casing changes resulting from a USGS database platform migration. Details will be provided about what has changed, how products are affected, and what you need to know for managing custom scripts that use the attributes.

3. Topic: Upcoming Changes to Downloadable Hydrography Products Folder
​​​​​​​Presenter: Annalisa Stasey, USGS

USGS is changing the folder structure of NHD and NHDPlus High Resolution (NHDPlus HR) products that are available as downloadable products. Changes to the direct download cloud folder structure are necessary to support additional hydrography products and product versions for NHDPlus HR and a future GeoPackage file format. This change will affect users who access NHD and NHDPlus HR products through scripting processes. The changes to the folder hierarchy and planned timeline will be discussed in this presentation.   


FLOw PERmanence is a mobile phone field application that allows people to enter field observations of flow/no flow. FLOwPER observations, along with observations from other data systems, provide the "training" data for the PROSPER flow permanence models.




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