EROS | EarthExplorer: How to do a bulk download

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This tutorial shows you how to do a bulk download of satellite imagery using EarthExplorer. The website can be found at


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Length: 00:02:58

Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US

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Production Videographer: Andy Dykstra (Contractor to USGS EROS)


This video covers the Bulk Download,

which allows you to download
large quantities

of satellite imagery and geospatial data. 

The Bulk Download Application
can automatically

download scenes that have
been added to

the “Bulk Order” through EarthExplorer.

The URL is

First, select “Download” and save the file

to a desired location. 

Open the file and follow the setup wizard

to complete the installation.

When finished installing, open the BDA.

You’ll need to enter your EarthExplorer

username and password to
open the application.

The “Recurring Download” option
causes the

application to wait 10 minutes
after reaching

the end of the scene download list and then

automatically retries any downloads

that didn’t complete properly. 

The “Filename Settings” lets you to

create custom file names. 

The “Download Status Report” provides

a listing of scenes for each order. 

And the “System Notices” option will show

you any current notices

regarding the BDA system status.

There are two ways to download an order

with the BDA through EarthExplorer. 

The first method involves adding scenes

to the Bulk Order by selecting the BDA icon

for the individual scenes you want.

The second option allows you to add

all items from your results at once.

From the Results tab, select
“Show Result Controls”

then “Add All Results From
Current Page to Bulk Download”. 

Once you have all of your scenes,

go to the “Item Basket”. 

Here, you choose the output product

for each individual scene, or select

“Modify Options for All Scenes”

to modify all scenes at once.

When you are ready, select
“Proceed to Order”

If your order looks correct
on the summary page,

select “Submit Order”

You’ll receive a confirmation email

when your order is ready.

BDA orders are available for two weeks. 

Once your order is submitted,

it can be added to the BDA. 

To begin a download, select “File”

“Open Order”. Your BDA order
number is found

on the order confirmation page
in EarthExplorer,

or in your confirmation email. 

Highlight the order to download,
and “Select Order”. 

The scene list will be visible on the BDA.

Now you’re ready to “Begin Download”.

The BDA will download all
scenes from your order.