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How To Use Water Data for Nation's NextGen Monitoring Location Pages

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

0:00 Introducing the NextGen Pages
0:31 Interactive Hydrograph
1:41 Selecting Different Water Data
2:21 Data Table
2:30 Interactive Map
3:01 Network Associations
3:20 All Available Data
3:40 Metadata
3:56 Cooperators
4:10 Classic Page
4:22 Menu Bar
4:40 Feedback
4:56 Closing

This short video shows users how to use Water Data for the Nation's Next Generation monitoring location pages. NextGen pages summarize USGS water data for an individual monitoring location across the United States.

Water Data for the Nation (WDFN) is the new National Water Information System Web (NWISWeb). WDFN's Next Generation monitoring location pages are the first area of modernization of the legacy NWISWeb system. Why are we modernizing our system? Read more here:

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