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McMullen Creek above Lincrest Place (0214668150)

Detailed Description

This camera is a part of the Flood Information and Notification System (FINS) network in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, NC. The FINS network consists of 54 streamgages and 72 raingages. Most sites in the network are equipped with radio telemetry which log and transmit data in 5-minute intervals. Some sites outside of the City of Charlotte boundary are equipped with satellite telemetry that transmit 5-minute data, hourly, and more frequently during an event. In addition, during storm events, immediate reporting of data occurs as extreme conditions or thresholds are exceeded at a given site. Under these conditions stream level and rainfall data are transmitted instantly to emergency managers and the USGS for assessment. These site-specific thresholds are used for tracking extreme hydrologic conditions during both floods and droughts.


Public Domain.