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Year Published: 1986

Use of miniroutes and Breeding Bird Survey data to estimate abundance

1. Information on relative abundance is easily obtained and adds greatly to the value of an atlas project. 2. The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) provides annual counts (birds per 50 roadside stops) that can be used to: (1) map relative abundance by physiographic region within a state or province, (2) map relative abundance on a more local scale by...

Robbins, C.S.; Dowell, B.A.
Use of miniroutes and Breeding Bird Survey data to estimate abundance; 1986; Book chapter; Proceedings of the Second Northeastern Breeding Bird Atlas Conference; Robbins, C.S.; Dowell, B.A.

Year Published: 1985

Organochlorine-induced mortality and residues in long-billed curlews from Oregon

In order to determine possible sources of vitamin A for quail, 37 species of insects and other invertebrates were analyzed for vitamin A and for carotene, and 26 species of seeds and fruits were assayed for carotene. The invertebrates showed no trace of vitamin A; but 8 herbivorous invertebrates and the praying mantis contained carotene. Most of...

Blus, L.J.; Henny, Charles J.; Krynitsky, A.J.
Organochlorine-induced mortality and residues in long-billed curlews from Oregon; 1985; Article; Journal; The Condor; Blus, L. J.; Henny, Charles J.; Krynitsky, A.J.

Year Published: 1984

Elk and deer diets in old-growth forests in western Washington

Dietary quality and overlap of sympatric Roosevelt elk (Cervus elaphus roosevelti) and Columbian black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus) were investigated in old-growth forests of the Hoh Valley, Olympic National Park, Washington. Diets of both cervids were comprised mainly of common old-growth flora, particularly in winter. High...

Leslie, David M.; Starkey, Edward E.; Vavra, Martin

Year Published: 1967

A comparison of Oregon pellet and fish-meat diets for administration of sulfamethazine to Chinook salmon

The absorption of sulfamethazine by yearling spring chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) was compared when administered in the Oregon Pellet and a fish-meat diet. The pelleted diet delivered the drug to the fish approximately twice as efficiently as the fish-meat diet. Dosage levels are recommended for both diets, and the efficacy of...

Amend, D.F.; Fryer, J.L.; Pilcher, K.S.