Water Resources

Employee Directory

A full listing of WMA employees is below. Click on the header "Name" to reorder the list alphabetically, or view the list of WMA Key Officials.

Job Title Name Email Phone
Associate Director Don Cline, Ph.D. dcline@usgs.gov 703-648-4557
Associate Director for Hydrologic Surveillance Data Programs Timothy D Oden toden@usgs.gov 303-236-1470
Center Director David M Sumner, PhD dmsumner@usgs.gov 813-498-5025
Research Microbiologist Denise M Akob, Ph.D. dakob@usgs.gov 703-648-5819
Program Analyst Sharon M Alcalde salcalde@usgs.gov 703-648-5838
Coordinator for Water Resources Carise D Barbour cbarbour@usgs.gov 703-648-4383
Deputy Program Coordinator, Water Availability and Use Science Program Brian R Clark brclark@usgs.gov 501-352-1864
Program Coordinator, Water Availability and Use Science Program Mindi Dalton msdalton@usgs.gov 770-283-9728
Program Science Coordinator, Office of Planning and Programming (OPP) Sandra Eberts smeberts@usgs.gov 614-430-7740
Administrative Specialist Evelyn Jacqueline Enderle eenderle@usgs.gov 303-541-3025
Supervisory IT Specialist Kent P Evans kpevans@usgs.gov 813-498-5067
Program Coordinator, Water Resource Research Act Program Earl Greene eagreene@usgs.gov 571-332-4184