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This list of Water Resources Mission Area publications includes both official USGS publications and journal articles authored by our scientists. A searchable database of all USGS publications can be accessed at the USGS Publications Warehouse.

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Irrigation near Bakersfield, California

No abstract available.
Carl Ewald Grunsky

Underground waters of southwestern Kansas

No abstract available.
Erasmus Haworth

Seepage water of northern Utah

The term “seepage water” is used by the irrigators of the West to designate the water which reaches the lowest grounds or the stream channels, swelling the latter by imperceptible degrees and keeping up the flow long after the rains have ceased and the snow has melted. The word “seepage” is applied particularly to the water which begins to appear in spots below irrigation canals and cultivated fie
Samuel Fortier

Hydrographic surveys

This circular is intended to answer questions asked by correspondents regarding the progress and character of the work of the "Irrigation Survey" and of related investigations being carried on by the Division of Hydrography of the United States Geological Survey. It also gives a review of the legislation authorizing this work, together with a list of publications of the Geological Survey showing t

The glacial lake Agassiz

No abstract available.
Warren Upham

Natural mineral water of the United States: Section in Fourteenth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior, 1892-1893: Part 2 - Accompanying papers

Aside from the geological interest attached to the subject of mineral waters the facts that within the limits of the United States there are between 8,000 and 10,000 mineral springs, and that the waters from nearly 300 are annually placed upon the market to the extent of over 21,000,000 gallons, at a valuation of nearly \$5,000,000, show plainly that the subject is also one of considerable economi
A.C. Peale

Lake Bonneville

This volume is a contribution to the later physical history of the Great Basin. As a geographic province the Great Basin is characterized by a dry climate, changes of drainage, volcanic eruption, and crustal displacement. Lake Bonneville, the special theme of the volume, was a phenomenon of climate and drainage, but its complete history includes an account of contemporaneous eruption and displacem
Grove Karl Gilbert

Instructions to rain-fall observers of U.S. Geological Survey

In the prosecution of the general "survey of the arid lands for purposes of irrigation," authorized by Congress to be undertaken by the U. S. Geological Survey, a determination of the amount of water supplied by the natural rain and snow fall in different localities is of fundamental importance. To obtain this knowledge the Geological Survey must depend in large measure upon the residents, to whom

Lists and analyses of the mineral springs of the United States: A preliminary study

In attempting the collection of data for the statement of the commercial value of the mineral waters of the country for publication in the report on the Mineral Resources of the United States, 1883 and 1884, it was necessary as a prerequisite to have a list of the springs from which these waters are derived. An examination of the few general works on the subject very soon showed that all existing
Albert C. Peale