September 2013 Southwest Floods

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Learn more about USGS flood activities related to the September 2013 Southwest Floods that occurred when rains brought major flooding to parts of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.


Unusual end-of-summer rains produced flooding in the Southwest United States, including devastating floods in the Colorado Front Range and major floods in central New Mexico.

September 2013 Southwest floods

Image of the 2013 flooding from the webcam at USGS streamgage 06727500 FOURMILE CREEK AT ORODELL, CO.

Colorado Flood Info

The three-day rainfall of nearly 13 inches caused major flooding in river basins near Boulder, Colorado. Available flood data includes:

USGS Activities in the News:


New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah Flood Info

Major flooding occurred in the Upper Gila River and Paria River Basins in Arizona, Utah, and new Mexico, beginning on September 9th, resulting in road closures and damage to homes. Click the images below to view flooding along the Rio Puerco river.

USGS Activities in the News: