StreamStats: Streamflow Statistics and Spatial Analysis Tools for Water-Resources Applications

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StreamStats provides access to spatial analytical tools that are useful for water-resources planning and management, and for engineering and design purposes. The map-based user interface can be used to delineate drainage areas, get basin characteristics and estimates of flow statistics, and more. Available information varies from state to state.

StreamStats Application

StreamStats is a Web application that provides access to an assortment of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analytical tools that are useful for water-resources planning and management, and for engineering and design purposes. The map-based user interface can be used to delineate drainage areas for user-selected sites on streams, and then get basin characteristics and estimates of flow statistics for the selected sites anywhere this functionality is available. StreamStats users also can select the locations of U.S. Geological Survey data-collection stations, shown as triangles on the StreamStats map, and get flow statistics and other information for the stations. The types of flow statistics that are available vary from state to state. A variety of additional tools are available for discovering information about streams and the activities along them.

StreamStats works within Web browser software on personal computers and mobile devices, and is best viewed using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. The browser must allow HTML5 asynchronous script execution. The application is being continually improved and expanded. The ActiveNews/Status link will provide notices of any new enhancements.


StreamStats Documentation

Users should familiarize themselves with StreamStats documentation before trying to use the application. StreamStats documentation, and links to it, consists of:

Additional documentation can be accessed through use of the About and Help buttons in the black banner above the map in StreamStats. The page that appears after clicking on the About button includes three tabs. The About the Project tab provides a brief description of StreamStats. The State/Regional Info tab provides (1) a description of the streamflow statistics that can be estimated by use of regression equations for the state that the user has selected, (2) citations for the reports that include the equations, (3) notes and cautions that are specific to using StreamStats for that state, (4) a link to information about the geospatial data used to implement the state, and (5) information about the agencies that cooperated with the USGS to implement the application. The News tab provides access to a list of notes that describe recent and older changes to StreamStats. The Help button on the user interface provides access to the users’ manual, a list of frequently-asked questions and answers, and a form that users can fill out to request support or submit comments to the StreamStats development team.

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Presentations and Other Information

Below is a list of reports and presentations on StreamStats. If you have any further question, please contact us.

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The American Water Resources Association 2016 Summer Specialty Conference on GIS and Water Resources IX, held in Sacramento, California, on July 11-13, 2016, included a session on StreamStats. Links to presentations included in the session are below:

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