Earthquake Information Social Media and RSS Feeds

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A list and description of all the earthquake-related social media accounts and RSS feeds.

Subscribe to individual social media accounts below. Also listed on Connect-Social Media.


USGS Earthquakes (@USGS_quakes)

The magnitude of USGS knowledge, strong. Our intensity, felt globally. Follow for earthquake science, news, events and answers. Run by earthquake scientists and communicators to discuss earthquake science and significant earthquakes.

USGS Seismic Network (@USGS_Seismic)

Regional and Global Seismic Instrumentation. Tweets do not = endorsement: Run by scientists and staff at the Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory to discuss seismic instrumentation and monitoring.

USGS Tweet Earthquake Dispatch (TED, @usgsted)

Official U.S. Geological Survey notifications for earthquakes magnitude 5.5 and above globally. This “bot” account distributes notifications for earthquakes worldwide with magnitudes of 5.5 and above.

USGS ShakeAlert® (@usgs_shakealert)

Keep up-to-date on ShakeAlert System news, updates, and other information. Tweets and "likes" are not endorsements. Run by the ShakeAlert group to discuss earthquake early warning.


USGS Natural Hazards Science (#USGSNaturalHazards)

Natural hazard updates, information, and more from the USGS. — The USGS serves the Nation by providing reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from nature.

RSS Feeds

Earthquake Hazards Program News (RSS feed)

Be the first to know when the Program makes a news announcement or publishes new content on the website.

USGS News: Natural Hazards

USGS hazard-related news releases or science stories.