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Gentleman setting up early earthquake warning sensors
December 31, 2018

B-Roll: Northwest ShakeAlert Sensor Station

Maintenance of a high-quality ShakeAlert sensors, power and telemetry stations in Portland, OR.

Gentleman working with Early Earthquake Warning Sensors
December 31, 2018

B-Roll: California ShakeAlert Sensor

Maintenance of high quality ShakeAlert sensor, power and telemetry station in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Comparison maps indicating short or long times available for earthquake shaking arrival times
March 31, 2018

Earthquake Alerts: Early and Often? Or Possibly Late?

The choice when issuing earthquake warnings is to: 1) issue alerts for weak shaking and potentially provide long warning times, but risk sending alerts for the many events that do not go on to produce damaging ground shaking, or 2) issue alerts only when ground shaking is expected to be damaging, with the tradeoff that the alert will be sent much later, reducing the

January 25, 2018

PubTalk 1/2018 — ShakeAlert: Path to West Coast EQ Early Warning

Title: ShakeAlert: The Path to West Coast Earthquake Early Warning ... how a few seconds can save lives and property

  • The ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system will begin limited operations this year.
  • Alerts could save lives and properties but several challenges remain.
  • With millions at risk, why isn't full public alerting happening yet?