2013 Springs Fire, Ventura County, California

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Recent Conditions

A rain gage was installed in November 2015 and is used to monitor:

Data is updated every 60 minutes.

Project Background

Rainfall on steep burned basins can quickly transform into potentially dangerous flash floods and debris flows. The Springs Fire burned many steep basins in the Santa Monica Mountains east of Oxnard, CA in May, 2013. The USGS has installed a telemetered rain gage to monitor the rainfall conditions in the Springs Fire burn area. Data collection at this site is intended to advance the understanding of post-fire runoff, erosion, and debris-flow generation processes and to provide information from the burned area to the National Weather Service for warning decision-making.

A monitoring station for rainfall in a basin of the Santa Monica Mountains

A Telemetered rain gauge to monitor the rainfall conditions in the Springs Fire burn area.  (Public domain.)

Telemetered rain gauge in Springs fire burn area with mountains in the background

A telemetered rain gauge in the Springs Fire burn area to help collect post-fire information.  (Public domain.)