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Date published: April 1, 1996

Evidence of Major Prehistoric Earthquakes in Midwest

About 10 strong earthquakes have struck southern Illinois and Indiana during the past 12,000 years, according to a new study by geologist Steve Obermeier of the U.S. Geological Survey and archeologists Pat Munson and Rex Garniewicz of Indiana University.

Date published: March 25, 1996

First Detailed "Report Card" on Mississippi River Shows Movement of Contaminants

The first intensive study of the water quality of the entire Mississippi River reveals the complicated movement of dozens of different contaminants through the water and sediments of the Nation’s largest river system, according to a report released today by the U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior.

Date published: March 25, 1996

Mississippi Earthquake

A minor earthquake with a preliminary estimated magnitude of 3.5 occurred in Clarke County, Mississippi, at 8:15 local time (9:15 EST) on March 25, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Date published: March 25, 1996

Colorado River Will Run Red for Management Study

About 2200 pounds of nontoxic red dye will be dumped into the Colorado River Wednesday (Mar. 27, 1996) as part of a controlled flood experiment in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, according to hydrologists at the U.S. Geological Survey.

Date published: March 22, 1996

Key Water and Sediment Science Contacts

Call the U.S. Geological Survey scientists listed below for information about the water science aspects of the controlled flood experiment in the Colorado River, Mar. 22-April 7, 1996. Mark Anderson is the key information scientist for the USGS on-site, and other scientists are working on-site and are available on a limited basis. Still others will be in the USGS office in Tucson throughout the ex

Date published: March 22, 1996

How Good Are You At Predicting Floods?

Follow the Colorado River Controlled Flood onthe World Wide Web

Date published: March 21, 1996

USGS Scientists Monitor Sandbar Rearrangement in Grand Canyon

It’s spring and some people are busy cleaning house and rearranging the furniture.

Spring cleaning and rearranging of a different kind will take place in the Grand Canyon next week, as the Colorado River scours its bed and rearranges sandbars that have built up in the river’s winding channel.

Date published: March 19, 1996

U.S. Geological Survey FY 97 Budget Expands Scientific Mission

The fiscal year 1997 budget request for the U.S. Geological Survey of $746.4 million provides a net increase of $15.9 million over the FY 1996 Conference level approved under the Continuing Resolution.

Date published: March 17, 1996

Popular Irish Names

By a score of 917 to 706, "Kelly" beats out "Murphy" as the most popular Irish placename in the United States.

Date published: March 15, 1996

Dr. Phillip Slater Wins Pecora Award

Dr. Philip N. Slater, a remote sensing scientist at the University of Arizona, received the 1995 William T. Pecora Award during ceremonies held on February 27, 1996, at the Eleventh Thematic Conference on Applied Geologic Remote Sensing, in Las Vegas, Nev.

Date published: March 7, 1996

Citizen Achievement Award Goes to William R. Walker, Virginia Water Expert

William R. Walker, of Blacksburg, Va., internationally recognized water-resources engineer and educator, will be presented the U.S. Geological Survey’s John Wesley Powell Award for Citizen Achievement at the Ninth Annual Virginia Water Conference, at the Ingleside Resort, in Staunton, Va., Tues., Mar. 12, 1996.

Date published: March 5, 1996

Potomac River Flow Above Normal In February

Flow of the Potomac River near Washington, D.C., was above normal in February, continuing the trend of above normal flow that began in January in response to snow and rain, according to hydrologists at the U.S. Geological Survey.