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Maximum Surface Height Rasters

This is a new requirement for delivery of Maximum Surface Height Rasters (MSHRs). These rasters are ancillary metadata used in data validation. MSHRs are created from the highest non-withheld lidar points in each pixel and are a quick and convenient method for identifying areas of points that are not valid returns and where the withheld bit has not been set as required. 

Status of this revision: Published in Lidar Base Specification 2021 rev. A

Requirement in LBS 2020 rev. A: None, this is a new requirement.


Maximum Surface Height Rasters provide a method for quickly and conveniently assessing withheld-flagging of the Lidar Point Cloud (LPC). MSHRs are created from the highest non-withheld point in the LPC in each pixel. Properly flagged points will produce a raster with uniform appearance. Improperly flagged non-valid returns will produce areas of non-uniformity (see images for examples). 

For details, please see the Lidar Base Specification: Appendix A