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Metadata Wizard 2.0

November 20, 2017

The MetadataWizard is a useful tool designed to facilitate FGDC metadata creation for spatial and non-spatial data sets.  It is a cross-platform desktop application built using an open-source Python architecture. This project is modeled off of the original Metadata Wizard, which was designed as a toolbox in ArcMap, and required an ESRI installation. It provides a pleasant and highly efficient environment for metadata creation, editing, preview, and validation.  Built in tools automate and facilitate the creation of high quality metadata records.

  • Auto-population* of challenging sections such as the spatial reference, spatial organization, and entity and attribute based on information contained in the data being documented (CSV, Excel, Shapefiles, etc.)
  • Automate population of contact information for USGS affiliates, Taxonomic information from itis, or keywords from USGS controlled vocabularies
  • Built in FGDC validator which highlights any missing or error elements directly on the GUI and in a printable report suitable for metadata review.
  • Copy/Paste or Drag-and-Drop of entire sections, subsections, or individual content between different records or other tools including XML-Notepad and text editors.
  • Built in help documentation which guides users through common and detailed questions about metadata.