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Hubbert Quorum

This year the Hubbert Quorum will be held at the USGS campus in Menlo Park, California on Sunday, 8 December 2019 beginning at 11:00 AM and adjourning at 6:00 PM. Transportation to and from Menlo Park will be provided. Download information here.

The purpose of this one-day meeting is to bring together geoscientists who are interested in geologic processes associated with crustal fluids. Frequently these researchers work on topics that have application to fields outside of hydrology such as fault mechanics, volcanology, and economic geology. The meeting is intended to attract a group of natural-process-oriented scientists to freely exchange ideas on an annual basis. The goal is to avoid the hectic pace of typical meetings by providing ample time for open discussion and questions during/following each presentation and around the posters.

Ingebritsen, S.E., Hurwitz, S., and Brodsky, E.E., 2008, Note from the Hubbert Quorum, Geofluids8, 1-2. Download file



26th ANNUAL HUBBERT QUORUM, December 9, 2018

25th ANNUAL HUBBERT QUORUM, December 10, 2017

24th ANNUAL HUBBERT QUORUM, December 11, 2016

23rd ANNUAL HUBBERT QUORUM, December 13, 2015

22nd ANNUAL HUBBERT QUORUM, December 14, 2014

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