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Date published: December 17, 2018

Where hot and cold water meet: a study of LaDuke Hot Springs using UAVs and field observations

Just a few miles north of Yellowstone National Park, discharge from a sizable hydrothermal feature, LaDuke Hot Springs, mixes with the Yellowstone River.

Date published: December 10, 2018

A closer look at the 2017 Maple Creek earthquake swarm

In June of 2017, an earthquake swarm began beneath the western edge of Yellowstone National Park, just east of Hebgen Lake. This swarm proved to be one of the more persistent swarms observed in Yellowstone, with the main episode lasting more than 3 months and producing thousands of recorded earthquakes.

Date published: December 3, 2018

The Hydrothermal System in Yellowstone Lake

When you think of a lake bed, what comes to mind? Squishy bottom with some grasses, rocks, and sunken logs?

Date published: November 26, 2018

Can a nuclear blast trigger a Yellowstone eruption? No. But how about an earthquake? Also no.

YVO has noted, with some amusement, tabloid headlines about various diabolical schemes to trigger an eruption of Yellowstone by nuking the caldera. If you find these crazy schemes somewhat unnerving, please don't be concerned—such a plan has zero chance of working!

Date published: November 19, 2018

A DIY guide for Yellowstone GPS data

Yellowstone is an incredibly dynamic place—there are frequent earthquakes, geysers erupt and go dormant, and the ground moves up and down. As seasoned Yellowstone watchers know, all...

Date published: November 12, 2018

The Misadventures of E.C. Waters -- the man and the boat!

"E.C. Waters, president of the Yellowstone Lake Boat Company, having rendered himself obnoxious during the season of 1907, is...debarred from the park and will not be allowed to return without permission in writing from the Secretary of the Interior or the superintendent of the park."

(Posted by Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Samuel Young in 1907)

Date published: November 5, 2018

Check out research in Yellowstone's Upper Geyser Basin this week—LIVE!

Have you ever witnessed an Old Faithful Geyser eruption and wondered how it works? What hidden underground environment causes thousands of gallons of water to burst skyward? Why does the geyser behave so faithfully? And how does the geologic history of the Upper Geyser Basin play a role in the extraordinary geyser activity we see today?

Date published: October 29, 2018

The USGS volcano threat assessment -- how was it determined, and what does it mean for Yellowstone

Last week, the USGS released an updated threat assessment for US volcanoes. The first assessment was published in 2005. The 2018 update refined the original assessment by accounting for new research & observations over the past 13 years. Some volcanoes moved up...

Date published: October 24, 2018

Volcanic Threat Assessment help prioritize risk reduction efforts at U.S. volcanoes.

The USGS assesses active and potentially active volcanoes in the U.S., focusing on history, hazards and the exposure of people, property and infrastructure to harm during the next eruption.

Date published: October 22, 2018

Playing telephone with Miss Information

Have you ever played a game of telephone? Where one person says something to their neighbor, and the message is passed from person to person? The lesson is that by the time it gets to the last person, the message has often changed significantly—sometimes to the point where the original meaning has been lost!

Date published: October 15, 2018

"Shocking" stories about measuring deformation in Yellowstone

About 30 kilometers west of the Yellowstone National Park boundary, in Idaho, UNAVCO* field engineer Tom Lyman surveys the damage at GPS station P361 on Sawtell Peak. This site is important, not only because it is located close to active faults in the Yellowstone region,...