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057. What is a metadata review, and who can perform it?


A metadata review includes both checking for compliance with metadata standards by using a recommended metadata validation tool and performing quality checks. A minimum of one metadata review by a qualified reviewer is required for all USGS scientific data prepared for release. The role of the metadata reviewer is to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, and usability of the metadata. The metadata review can be conducted as part of the peer review (SM 502.3) or data review (SM 502.8), or it can be conducted separately as appropriate. Science Center management determines who serves as qualified metadata reviewers for the data produced by authors in their Centers. A metadata checklist that provides guidelines to reviewers is available. Additional information on metadata reviews is available on the USGS Data Management Metadata web page. A written report of all metadata reviews (reviewer comments and how they were reconciled) must be included in the internal IPDS review package that is submitted for Bureau approval as described in SM 502.7. Science Center Manager responsibilities for ensuring compliance with metadata requirements are also outlined in the FSP training module entitled USGS FSP Science Center Director Responsibilities.