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165. What is the FSP policy for presentation materials and posters used in poster sessions?


Presentation materials and poster sessions for scientific meetings, conferences, and hearings that are presented once and not left for conference dissemination or posted on a public website do not require peer review. If these products are left for conference dissemination or are posted on a public website, whether they do or do not contain new interpretive material, the need for their peer review is at the discretion of the Science Center Director. Presenters are cautioned that it is inappropriate to display sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information in these materials and they must consult with their supervisors and other managers before presenting any materials that potentially contain such information. Additionally, all poster session/presentation materials requiring Bureau approval must be tracked and approval documented in the IPDS. Refer to a diagram showing approval for poster session/presentation materials, as well as SM 205.18 and SM 502.3 for more information. Note: If the poster session/presentation materials have been disseminated (made available to the public in any way) without author permission or knowledge and without Bureau approval, then an after-the-fact approval (and peer review as appropriate) must be done to confirm the record. The timing of the process should be made clear by adding applicable comments in the IPDS. Managers or supervisors may request changes to or require removal of the poster session/presentation materials from dissemination if an after-the-fact review and approval shows that such actions are warranted. For additional guidance, refer to the FSP training module on the requirements for posters and presentation materials. Policy references and other guidance on virtual presentations and poster sessions are also available.