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What happens if there are both USGS and non-USGS authors affiliated with an information product, and the non-USGS co-author submits the information product to a preprint server before Bureau approval has been received? [202]

Publicly posting a manuscript without Bureau approval is a violation of Fundamental Science Practices. Such manuscript posted on a preprint server needs to be removed or replaced with a Bureau-approved version. [Read more] 

USGS authored and co-authored information products published without Bureau approval are in violation of FSP, which can result in disciplinary action against the USGS author. When a USGS author becomes aware of a co-authored manuscript posted on a preprint server before Bureau approval, the USGS author should contact the lead non-USGS author and request the removal of the manuscript from the server.  If removal is not possible, the author should request that it be replaced with the Bureau-approved version. To avoid publishing a preprint without Bureau approval, USGS authors should discuss early in research efforts with co-authors potential preprint information products that may come from the work and the required steps in the FSP review and approval process. USGS authors should contact their local Bureau Approving Official or the Bureau Approving Official Manager in the Office of Science Quality and Integrity for further guidance.