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Natural Hazards

Natural hazard science is the study of coastal and marine geology, earthquake hazards, geomagnetism, landslides, volcanoes, seismological and geophysical sensors, floods, and more.

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December 12, 2017

Flood Inundation Mapper

The USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Program has two main functions: 1) partner with local communities to assist with the development and validation of flood inundation map libraries; and 2) provide online access to flood inundation maps along with real-time streamflow data, flood forecasts, and potential loss estimates. 

iCoast allows citizen scientists to identify changes to the coast by comparing aerial photographs taken before and after storms.
December 8, 2017


Help scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey annotate aerial photographs with keyword tags to identify changes to the coast after extreme storms.

Screen Magnetic Disturbance Summary
October 15, 2017

Magnetic Disturbance Events

View reports on magnetic disturbance events.

Installing a wave sensor at a SWaTH site
October 7, 2017

USGS SWaTH Network

SWaTH is a system of flood-hardened, real-time telemetered tide gages, rapid deployment gages, and storm tide sensors deployed in integrated network configurations along the Northeastern Atlantic Coast from North Carolina to Maine.

Car submerged in floodwaters
October 7, 2017

USGS Flood Event Viewer

The USGS operates an event-based mobile storm-surge sensor network to capture information about coastal and inland storm tides.

Outline of the State of New Jersey with USGS Streamflow sites noted
October 6, 2017

WaterWatch - Drought NJ

Interactive map of the below normal 7-day average streamflow compared to historical streamflow for the day of year in New Jersey

Map of New Jersey Showing Flood Monitor Sites
October 6, 2017

WaterWatch - Floods NJ

Real-Time Interactive Map of Floods and High Flow conditions in New Jersey

Screenshot from Flood Event Viewer for Nate
October 5, 2017

Flood Event Viewer — Nate

The USGS Flood Event Viewer helps USGS and its partners to track of the storm and its impact on surface water levels. A storm track field is included from NOAA's National Hurricane Center, and real-time USGS streamgage data and Rapid Deployment Gage data are linked through this map-based product.

Color map of New Jersey Landslides
October 4, 2017

Digital Geodata Series: DGS06-3 Landslides In New Jersey

This Geographic Information System (GIS) point shapefile of Landslides in New Jersey with associated database file, projection file and metadata, contains point locations and other attributes for 287 landslide locations in New Jersey mapped by the Survey. 

Event Support Map screenshot for Hurricane Jose
September 30, 2017

Hurricane Jose 2017 Event Support Map

Track hurricane data and USGS resources.

USGS visual identity - green
September 27, 2017

Cheatgrass mapping in Squirrel Creek Wildfire, WY in 2014

This data bundle contains some of the inputs, all of the processing instructions and all outputs from two VisTrails/SAHM workflow. These models specifically include field data of locations with >40% cover of cheatgrass (presence) and <40% cover of cheatgrass (absence). Predictors included rasters derived from LandSat 8 imagery or from a digital elevation model.