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Data Management Tools

Good data management enables the location, sharing, and reuse of data, and reduces the redundancy of data. These attributes of good data management reduce costs in terms of time and money. Data management tools and best practices can also help to meet the open data requirements of making data more accessible and discoverable.

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Date published: October 10, 2018

Changes in imperviousness for U.S. urban areas, 1974-2012

This product consists of two sets of imperviousness calculations for 3,535 urban areas and urban clusters in the conterminous United States. Imperviousness is given as the percent of the area covered by impervious surfaces, such as roads, buildings, or parking lots.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: September 28, 2018

Data Request Form

To submit this form: 1) Download the NWHC Data Request Form; 2) Open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader; 3) Fill it out; 4) Save as a PDF; and 5) Submit the PDF to:

Date published: August 2, 2018

WaterWatch Toolkit

The USGS WaterWatch Toolkit provides online tools that allow users to search USGS sites in various ways; create a variety of maps, graphs, charts, animations, and tables; perform a variety of streamflow analyses, and retrieve summary statistics.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: July 23, 2018

USGS Louisiana Publications

USGS Publications in Louisiana

Selected Publications


Date published: July 3, 2018

ESPA On-Demand Interface

The USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center Science Processing Architecture (ESPA) On-Demand Interface is used to request processing and services for Landsat Science Products and some MODIS archives. 

Date published: July 3, 2018

EarthExplorer Bulk Download Application

The Bulk Download Application is an easy-to-use tool for downloading large quantities of satellite imagery and geospatial data.

Once scenes are added to a Bulk Order via Earth Explorer, the Bulk Download Application can be used to automatically retrieve them with little to no user interaction.

Date published: July 3, 2018

EarthExplorer Scene List Upload

The File List Ordering Tool allows text file, metadata export, and scene list uploads for more effective downloading and/or ordering for all datasets visible on EarthExplorer.  User login required.

Date published: July 2, 2018

StreamStats Batch Processor Tool

This tool produces shapefiles that contain the delineated basins, basin characteristics, and flow statistics for multiple sites requested at once by users. Before this tool can be used, the the points of interest will likely need to be edited in GIS so that they are coincident with the stream grid used by StreamStats for delineations and saved to a shapefile. 

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: March 13, 2018

Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership – event reporting system (WHISPers)

The NWHC developed the Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership – event reporting system (WHISPers) to increase public awareness of wildlife disease events and promote collaboration and data sharing among wildlife professionals. It is a partner driven tool that provides a dynamic, timely, searchable web-based system for visualizing and accessing data on wildlife disease events...

Date published: March 6, 2018

Weighted Surveillance for Detection of Chronic Wasting Disease

This application provides an easy-to-use interface for conducting weighted surveillance for chronic wasting disease (CWD) in white-tailed deer populations. The first tool called 'Design' is used for planning weighted surveillance activities. The second tool called 'Estimation' is for use after sampling for CWD detection has occurred and no positive cases were found.

Date published: February 27, 2018

NWISWeb -- New Jersey Ambient Surface-Water-Quality Monitoring Network

Routine constituents are collected during sampling cycles at both fixed and probabilistic sites, and presented in tables provided.

Date published: February 14, 2018

ViTexOCR; A script to extract text overlays from digital video

The ViTexOCR script presents a new method for extracting navigation data from videos with text overlays using optical character recognition (OCR) software.