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View the U.S. map of flood and high-water conditions. You are able to narrow your view by State and by water resource region.

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Installing a wave sensor at a SWaTH site
October 7, 2017

USGS SWaTH Network

SWaTH is a system of flood-hardened, real-time telemetered tide gages, rapid deployment gages, and storm tide sensors deployed in integrated network configurations along the Northeastern Atlantic Coast from North Carolina to Maine.

Car submerged in floodwaters
October 7, 2017

USGS Flood Event Viewer

The USGS operates an event-based mobile storm-surge sensor network to capture information about coastal and inland storm tides.

Map of New Jersey Showing Flood Monitor Sites
October 6, 2017

WaterWatch - Floods NJ

Real-Time Interactive Map of Floods and High Flow conditions in New Jersey

New York stream and trees
December 16, 2016

USGS WaterNow

USGS WaterNow – Current-conditions for water data directly to your mobile phone or email

June 15, 2016

Flood Watch for Kansas

Maps of flood and high flow conditions within Kansas

USGS science for a changing world logo
March 12, 2016

Water-Quality Summaries for Several Major River Basins in Colorado

Summaries of water-quality monitoring data are now available for several major river basins in Colorado. For each basin, current data from a network of sites are compared to previously collected data and instream standards. Lowess curves are provided on plots for selected constituents where a sufficient period of record and limited censored data are available.

USGS science for a changing world logo
March 7, 2016

Flood Watch

Maps of flood and high flow conditions within the U.S.