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The data collected and the techniques used by USGS scientists should conform to or reference national and international standards and protocols if they exist and when they are relevant and appropriate. For datasets of a given type, and if national or international metadata standards exist, the data are indexed with metadata that facilitates access and integration.

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Date published: May 10, 2017

Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park Landbird Surveys 2015-2016

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park was surveyed for landbirds and landbird habitat from February through April 2015 and February through April 2016. This information provides the second datum in the time-series of Pacific Island Network (PACN) monitoring for long-term trends in landbird distribution, density, and abundance (initial surveys conducted in 2010)....

Date published: May 9, 2017

Area of the Named Glaciers of Glacier National Park (GNP) and Flathead National Forest (FNF) Derived from Aerial and Satellite Imagery, 1966, 1998, 2005, 2015

These data represent a time series of the 37 named glaciers of Glacier National Park, MT, USA and two named glaciers in the Flathead National Forest.

Date published: April 27, 2017

North American Breeding Bird Survey Dataset 1966 - 2016, version 2016.0

The 1966-2016 North American Breeding Bird Survey dataset contains avian point count data for more than 700 North American bird taxa (species, races, and unidentified species groupings).  These data are collected annually during the breeding season, primarily June, along thousands of randomly established roadside survey routes in the United States and Canada.

Date published: April 19, 2017

Flood inundation mapping data for Johnson Creek near Sycamore, Oregon

The basis for these features is USGS SIR 2017-5024 Flood Inundation Mapping Data for Johnson Creek near Sycamore, Oregon. The domain of the HEC-RAS hydraulic model is a 12.9-mile reach of Johnson Creek from just upstream of SE 174th Avenue in Portland, Oregon, to its confluence with the Willamette River.

Date published: April 19, 2017

Water surface elevations recorded by submerged water level loggers along the upper Deschutes River, Oregon, between Benham and Dillon Falls, Summer, 2016

Water-surface elevations were recorded by 17 submerged water level loggers between March and October, 2016 along a 3 kilometer reach of the upper Deschutes River, Oregon. 15 water level loggers were installed along the channel margins and 2 loggers were placed in off-channel wetland ponds.

Date published: April 18, 2017

Bathythermograph Data, Lake Michigan, 1954

This USGS data release includes complete CSDGM metadata, a digitized set of original bathythermogram print photos, and the temperature and depth data collected from each bathythermograms using open-source software. In addition, because of their historical value and potential future use, this data release includes the cruise logs, which include complementary nautical and research notes.

Date published: April 18, 2017

Data tables in support of manuscript "​δ13C and δ15N in the Endangered Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Lepidochelys kempii After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill"

Carbon and nitrogen isosope ratios of satellite-tagged turtles to 1) assess changes in foraging strategies of nesting Lk sampled in 2010 (the year of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill) and two subsequent post-spill years; and 2) estimate the proportion of females that were within the area affected by the oil spill, the latter via discriminant analysis.

Date published: April 12, 2017

California Land-change Projections

This dataset consists of modeled projections of land use and land cover and population for the State of California for the period 1970-2101. For the 1970-2001 period, we used the USGS's LUCAS model to "backcast" LULC, beginning with the 2001 initial conditions and ending with 1970. For future projections, the model was initialized in 2001 and run forward on an annual time step to 2100.

Date published: April 12, 2017

Summary of total mercury concentrations in dragonfly larvae, western mosquitofish, and tree swallow eggs collected from Cosumnes River Preserve 2011 – 2013

In order to document potential environmental health risk in Cosumnes River Preserve wetlands due to mercury, we analyzed dragonfly larvae, western mosquitofish, and tree swallow eggs collected from wetlands and rice fields of the Preserve from 2011 to 2013.

Date published: April 10, 2017

Interactive USGS Spectral Library Version 7

Interactive website allowing users to search the contents of the USGS Spectral Library Version 7 data.

Date published: April 10, 2017

USGS Spectral Library Version 7 Data

Researchers at the USGS Spectroscopy Laboratory have measured the spectral reflectance of thousands of materials in the lab and compiled them in the USGS Spectral Library.  Detailed sample descriptions are provided with the spectra, including the results of X-ray Diffraction, Electron Probe Micro-Analysis, and other analytical methods.

Date published: April 10, 2017

USGS Digital Spectral Library

References for material identification in remote sensing images. The library contains spectral reflectance data for of hundreds of materials, including minerals, vegetation, organic and volatile compounds, and man-made materials.