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The data collected and the techniques used by USGS scientists should conform to or reference national and international standards and protocols if they exist and when they are relevant and appropriate. For datasets of a given type, and if national or international metadata standards exist, the data are indexed with metadata that facilitates access and integration.

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 Logo-Water Census Data Portal
April 18, 2016

National Water Census - Data Portal

At the National Water Census Data Portal you will find national estimates of water budget components for local watersheds, water withdrawal data for counties, tools to calculate statistics of daily streamflow records, modeled daily streamflow at ungaged stations, and access to records of aquatic biology observations.

Photo of historical Wisconsin annual data reports
April 17, 2016

Annual Water Data reports

Annual Water Data Reports were published annually for many decades as static archival products that supplemented direct access to current and historical water data provided by the National Water Information System (NWIS). This site helps users access historical Water Data Reports, electronic Site Data Sheets, or current on-demand, print-ready Water-Year Summaries.

Image of Wisconsin lake data report cover
April 16, 2016

Water-quality and lake-stage data reports for Wisconsin lakes

The purpose of these reports is to provide information about the chemical and physical characteristics of Wisconsin lakes. Data that have been collected at specific lakes, and information to aid in the interpretation of those data, are included in these reports.

Screenshot of the Water Quality Portal
April 12, 2016

Water Quality Portal

The Water Quality Portal integrates and provides access to publicly available water-quality data from databases such as USGS NWIS and BioData, EPA STORET, and USDA-ARS STEWARDS through a single search interface.

Screenshot for OBIS-USA Search Tool
April 12, 2016

Ocean Biogeographic Information System USA (OBIS-USA)

OBIS-USA is the US Node of the Ocean Biogeographic Information System, providing the collection and distribution point to OBIS of marine biogeographic records in U.S. waters or collected with U.S. funding. Using the Darwin Core standard, OBIS-USA integrates and makes accessible data on marine species presence, absence, and abundance to aid scientists, resource managers, and decisions makers.

mineral fact sheets
April 12, 2016

Mineral Commodity Fact Sheets

We publish fact sheets on selected important mineral commodities. These fact sheets teach about commodities and the important role each one plays in the national economy, national security, and lives of Americans every day.

eudialyte and bastnäsite samples
April 12, 2016

Mineral Deposit Models

Conceptual models describing the essential characteristics of groups of similar mineral deposits.

Icons: Gov't building w/ page in front reads National List, U.S. map, magnifying glass for Scientific or Common Name search
April 11, 2016

Species of Greatest Conservation Need Analysis Tool - State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP)

Mandated by Congress, all states and U.S. territories must develop a State Wildlife Action Plan every ten years, outlining the steps that are needed for conservation in their state or territory before wildlife and habitats become too rare or costly to restore. The Species Conservation Analysis Tool provides a national look at Species of Greatest Conservation Need as reported in those plans.

Screenshot of National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN) data portal
April 11, 2016

National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN) Data Portal

The NGWMN Data Portal provides access to groundwater data from multiple, dispersed databases in a web-based mapping application. The Portal contains current and historical data including water levels, water quality, lithology, and well construction.

Screenshot of National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI) homepage
April 10, 2016

National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI)

NEMI is a searchable database of environmental methods, protocols, statistical and analytical methods, and procedures that allows scientists and managers to find and compare methods for all stages of the monitoring process.

Screenshot of the USGS Sediment Data Portal
April 9, 2016

Sediment Data Portal

The Sediment Data Portal allows users to find and interpret USGS discrete and daily suspended-sediment, as well as related data, through a searchable mapping interface.

Screenshot of the USGS Science Data Catalog
April 8, 2016

USGS Science Data Catalog

The USGS Science Data Catalog serves as a single access point for public USGS scientific datasets and as a conduit to external catalogs in response to Federal Open Data requirements. The SDC allows the public to access USGS datasets through text and GIS-based search; topical browse, and keyword, mission area, data source, and scientist faceting.