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The data collected and the techniques used by USGS scientists should conform to or reference national and international standards and protocols if they exist and when they are relevant and appropriate. For datasets of a given type, and if national or international metadata standards exist, the data are indexed with metadata that facilitates access and integration.

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Date published: January 1, 1900

Vermillion/Cannon River Bottoms raw vegetation data from transect data

Detailed point center quarter sampling (Mueller-Dombois and Ellenberg 1974) was conducted during late June along a 150-m long transect that started at a bird survey point. Four plots were sampled corresponding to the start, 50m, 100m and end points of each transect. At each of these four sample plots, species, diameter at breast height (dbh) and distance from the center of the p

Date published: January 1, 1900

1989 Upper Mississippi River System Color Infrared Aerial Photographs: Pool 10

This dataset consists of digital scans of color infrared aerial photography from the Upper Mississippi River System collected in 1989.

Date published: April 1, 0521

Thickness of the Surficial Aquifer, Delmarva Peninsula, Maryland and Delaware

A digital map of the thickness of the surficial unconfined aquifer, including from the land surface and unsaturated zone to the bottom of sediments of geologic units identified as part of the surficial aquifer, was produced to improve understanding of the hydrologic system in the Maryland and Delaware portions of the Delmarva Peninsula. The map is intended to be used in conjunction with other...